If you like watching TV shows and movies for free, then you will inevitably find yourself using free streaming platforms. The question then arises as to whether it’s legal to stream videos on such services. The answer is that it’s very hard to determine and involves a lot of legalities. Thus, while some countries take a more permissive stance, others crack down. Anyhow, lots of people stream these days and don’t find anything bad in it.

What to do if your country bans free streaming platforms?

Some of the countries might block free streaming platforms, preventing your access to these troves of free TV shows and flicks.

Don’t lose your heart! It’s always easy to purchase a VPN and hook it up to cloak your activities online.

As a rule, such plugins don’t cost a lot (around $15 per month).

When you choose a VPN, make sure it delivers sufficiently high download speeds to avoid a “buffering hell”. Also, your VPN must correctly anonymize your activities because otherwise you’ll still see these free movie platforms as blocked from your location.