Millions of people worldwide are used to streaming movies and series free of charge using such platforms as Putlocker. It is super rich in content and doesn’t require any emails, registration, and so on. However, there are some risks involved. Even if you don’t think about it or ignore the facts, it’s better to be forewarned. Let’s focus on the legal and safety aspects of using the website.

How to make Putlocker safe for using?

You can never call Putlocker a safe site. It’s full of ads and constantly popping up windows that irritate everybody. Yet, it’s not the worst part. Aside from that, these ads lead to suspicious websites which may infect your PC with viruses or malware. In order to protect yourself and make the site more usable, it’s better to keep the antivirus updated and install some dedicated extensions in your browser. Get the pop-up blocker and ad blocker to minimize the threats.

Is it legal to stream content on Putlocker?

Talking facts, it’s considered to be illegal. For one thing, because you break copyright laws and stream pirated movies. It’s forbidden in most of the countries but some regions take it more seriously than others. Mind that it concerns not only the website in question but all similar sites. That’s why you need to get a VPN from a reliable and secure provider. This service hides your IP address and the activities can’t be traced back to you.