Those who stream movies for free daily are sure to know a lot about streaming services like Putlocker and 123Movies. In fact, there are many other options, too. However, far from all users ever wonder how legal it is and is it even safe to use these websites. Well, let’s try to find the answers to both questions.

How safe are the two most popular streaming websites?

The security on these websites leaves much to be desired. There are tons of ads and pop-up windows which do not only irritate users but might bring malware or viruses to the PC. That’s why in case you use these sites, it’s important you take measures and secure your device with reliable antivirus software and dedicated pop-up blockers. These 2 simple steps will take you the long way in helping you protect your PC and data.

It is legal to use 123Movies and Putlocker?

These platforms deliver pirated movies so it’s considered to be illegal. Streaming them you break the copyright laws which might get you in trouble in some countries. So think twice before you go to Putlocker or 123Movies. Mind that some countries take serious actions against the sites and their users. However, there is one thing that can do the trick and let you stream the movies without worries. Use the top VPN to protect your anonymity, hide your IP address, etc. Besides, it’s better to make sure the company has a no-log policy.